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Having a computer network can go a long way to increase efficiency and security in your day to day business. If you are setting up a network for your business for the first time or if you are considering updating your current network, HCI can help!

Key Elements of Computer Networks:


A server gives staff members a single point of collaboration and data storage that they can work from very efficiently. With a server you will be able to control where your data is being saved. Instead of having data stored on each computer, it is more secure to save data from a computer onto the server. With this approach you will not have to worry about losing data should one of your computers fail.


Computers need no introduction. Every computer should communicate with the network through the switch and not the WIFI network. This allows for greater reliability in the network as you will not have to worry about your computer randomly losing connection.

NAS (Network Attached Storage)

A NAS device is a networks first line of defense from lost data. In most cases a NAS is set up to back up a server on an incremental basis. In the case of severe data loss the entire network can be restored from the last incremental backup. It is important to have a local NAS backup system because it allows you to get your team up and running in a matter of hours.


A switch is the point of connection for every peace of hardware on a network. If you are going to save a document that you have edited to the server from a computer, the transmission of data will first need to pass through the switch to get to the server. The same is true of your printers.

Wireless Access Points

In order to have effective WIFI coverage you will want to use a wireless access point. You can connect as many wireless access point to a network as is necessary to provide adequate coverage. Having wireless access points also allows you to set up a guest WIFI network.

Firewall/ Router

The firewall or router is the first line of defense from the outside world. A good firewall is a great help to reduce your threat profile. Without a firewall, there is little to filter out the known threats that are on the internet. A good firewall also allows you to limit access to content on the internet.

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