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Thinking about installing a Video Surveillance System or Upgrading an Existing System?

At HCI, we believe it is important to educate our consumers on the different types of surveillance systems available! We can help you choose between Analog and IP Security Cameras.

An analog camera is a traditional camera used in CCTV systems. It sends video over cable to VCRs or DVRs. Analog cameras have overall lower quality than IP cameras, but perform better in low light conditions. Analog cameras have more limited site ranges and don’t offer the zoom-in clarity of IP cameras and operate over coax cable. Because of this, Analog cameras require more cabling than IP cameras. For instance, they require a separate cable to control the pan, tilt, and zoom functions. If there is audio, another cable is required. One analog camera may require three separate cables: power, audio, video.

IP cameras are all digital cameras that can send signals over cable to be stored in the network. IP cameras provide overall higher video quality than analog cameras. They offer more video site ranges, such as a wide or narrow field of view, and better zoom-in capabilities. And because they transmit truly digital signals, they offer far greater video detail, which makes them much better for facial recognition or detecting license plate numbers. IP cameras also work over twisted-pair, coax cable, and with wireless connections and one of the advantages of IP cameras is that they can be powered over the twisted-pair Ethernet cable, thus eliminating worries over running electrical wire. 

Still not sure what kind of cameras your business needs? 

If you’re wondering which type of camera – analog or IP – is best for your manufacturing operation, let the video surveillance experts at HCI help you. We will work with you to determine your individual security needs and then identify the best solution for you based on your budget. In addition to configuring and installing your video surveillance system, we can also monitor and maintain it, too.

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