Access control systems are essential in the prevention of security breaches since they help to keep unwanted visitors out and your employees safe.

Why Should Your Company Consider An Access Control System?

When thinking about the security of commercial businesses, access control systems can be a great asset because of their customizability. You can allow some employees unlimited access, and others access at certain times. Your daytime employees might be granted access between 8-6, while your night staff might have different access. You can also limit what parts of the building employees have access to. If you’re dealing with high security measures, you can choose which employees have access to certain rooms.

If you opt for keyless entry with key codes, fingerprints, or another selection, no one will have to worry about keys. If you’re someone who tends to misplace things, this system is a great choice for you. There are also options that use both card entry and key code entry in one system. Because it’s so customizable, you can choose the option that’s right for your habits.

If you choose key card entry, it’s still a better option than a regular key because it can’t be duplicated. If someone gets a hold of the key to your property, it is very easy to bring to a shop and duplicate. However, key cards are very difficult to duplicate. Additionally, if a key card is stolen, it’s easy to turn off access to that card and issue a new one, ensuring that no unwanted visitors enter your building.

Keeping track of who comes and goes will not only help you be aware of who is inside your building, but will provide a detailed record in the event that there is an issue. An access control system will help you keep track of who is coming in and out as well as the times that the doors were opened and closed. These records could be instrumental in a case where police need to investigate.

Another great feature of access control systems is their ability to be controlled remotely. In a situation where you need to let someone into the building but don’t want to give her a code or other mode of entry, you can grant her access remotely. This feature is helpful because you can allow someone in the building when no one else is there without allowing her permanent access.

Additionally, keyless entry is a cost-saving measure. If someone loses a key card, it’s much easier to replace a card and reprogram the system than it is to change your building’s locks.

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