Telecommunications has changed dramatically over the years as technological advancements have propelled the industry once further into a new era.   Years ago many can remember the use of basic analog phones, then the transition into digital phones (your traditional phone system that many still have), and now once again into the IP era.  For many businesses its the right direction to go, for others maybe not yet.  The problem many businesses, especially small ones, are often facing is when looking to upgrade they feel forced into the IP sector either by most phone companies and telecom providers.

At Hinson Communications we do not want you to feel you only have one choice or being pushed into a single product.  Unlike most companies we are not out for pushing a singular product line nor is our model based upon pushing a customer into a re-occurring price platform that make most businesses uncomfortable.  We sit down with each customer, discussing what the needs of the company are, what the direction of the company is going and what the best approach it for finding the best options.  Many find that they face this question:  Do I stay digital, go IP and take the leap into VoIP (Cloud) based phone system? We are here to simplify this process by talking with you about the options reviewing the options and helping determine what is the best route while keeping your budget in mind.

Simplicity is one of our given motto’s we are driven upon and we strive to make the process not only simple but less stressful.  So anytime you are faced with the idea of upgrading your phone system reach out to us and let us make the process easy on your business so that you can focus on your business.