In today’s world phone service just like telecommunications has also migrated into the IP based industry.  Once upon a time they were your copper lines running from pole to pole, then transitioning into Digital, and now IP via fiber optic cable.  More often than not just like in the telecommunications many businesses are sold services they truly do not understand and once again either are over paying for their monthly services or simply not having what they need for their business.  For many not understanding what type of service they are purchasing and if it is the right choice for their business.

At Hinson Communications we focus on helping each customer understand what they are purchasing and making sure that it is a solution that is both reliable and economical for their business.  We do this by reviewing the options available for each location and determining the best service for the best price.  Over the years we noticed the evolution coming and in 2008 launched our own platform called Lines Plus Communications providing both Digital and IP (or SIP) based phone service solutions.  We noticed most other carriers didn’t build a platform around working with other carriers to provide a redundant solution nor at an economical price.  Since 2008 we have helped thousands of customers with either through our platform or third party solutions that best fit their needs.

As the years of passed we have perfected our phone service platform and now even incorporate the use of cellular redundancies to provide back up solutions all at a low monthly cost.  So anytime you are wanting someone to come out and reviewing your phone service solutions for your business just let us know, we can come out and sit down to review the options, pricing and what route fits best with your business while yet trying to save you monthly on your phone bill.