Hinson Communications was founded in 1981 by Eddy R. Hinson after working years with the local telephone company.  He noticed how the phone companies did not take the time to properly care for their clients, which lead to him leaving the phone company.  He started HCI and began working from his apartment, which he quickly out grew and expanded to a small office location.  Soon thereafter he out grew that location and ended up at the current headquarters in Dothan, AL.  Within several more years satellite offices were needed in other parts of Alabama and Florida leading to the need to continue expanding.  His goal was to provide an accurate, all-in-one solution to his clients while providing a personal relationship with each client.  Although officially Eddy retired, he still takes an active role over the operation of the company.  

In 2014 HCI expanded its coverage area to a 150 mile radious of Dothan AL covering from Panama City Beach FL to Montgomery AL and from Tifton GA to Andalusia AL.  HCI is now one of the largest telecommunication companies in the Dothan area offering a multitude of services unlike most other competitors.  Since its creation HCI as it has grown from a local consultant and telecommunications company into a technology centered provider covering three states and thousands of clients.  With our goal of client satisfaction and convenience at the forefront of our focus we now offer a broad range of services for any client of any size.

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